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Where is the King Fisher Village located?
The hotel is located in the town of Tarrafal in the northwest of the island of Santiago, directly by the sea. It is only a few minutes walk to the centre of Tarrafal.

How do I get from the airport to the hotel?
King Fisher Village is pleased to pick up its guests at any time of the day or night. Our driver is waiting for you! The drive from the airport in Praia takes about 75 minutes. During the day the drive is very impressive through the mountains, at night it offers you a little time out after the flight. The transfer from Nelson Mandela International Airport (RAI) to King Fisher Village costs CVE 9,500 (≈90 EUR).

How do I get to Cape Verde?
By plane from Switzerland/ Germany/ Austria to Praia (RAI). There are various options and airlines. TAP currently flies twice daily with stopover in Lisbon.

Can I book a transfer at King Fisher Village?
King Fisher Village is delighted to provide guest pick-up services around the clock. Our driver is on standby to assist you at any hour!
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How long does the transfer to Tarrafal take?
The drive from the airport in Praia takes about 75 minutes. During the day the drive is very impressive through the mountains, at night it offers you a little time out after the flight.

How much is a transfer?
The transfer from the airport "Nelson Mandela International Airport" (RAI) to King Fisher Village costs CVE 9500.

Which island am I traveling to?
You will travel to the main island of Santiago, the largest Cape Verdean island with the most inhabitants.

Can I rent a car?
You can rent a car at the airport in Praia. The King Fisher Village will be pleased to provide you with further information.

King Fisher Village

Where is the King Fisher Village located?
The hotel is located in the town of Tarrafal in the northwest of the island of Santiago, directly by the sea. It is only a few minutes walk to the centre of Tarrafal.
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Is the front office always open?
The reception is open from 7 am to 9 pm. At night, our security is available at the main gate for emergencies.

When can I check into my room?
We guarantee check-in at 3pm. If you prefer an earlier check-in, please inform us directly at the time of booking.

From when to when is breakfast served?
In the morning from 7 am to 10 am.

Is the restaurant open all day?
The restaurant is open all day from 12 noon to 10 pm.

Until when can I stay in the room on the day of departure?
Check-out is at 12 noon and we ask our guests to vacate the room by then on the day of departure. You are welcome to stay at the pool afterwards.

My flight doesn't leave until night, is there a late check out available?
Please inform us directly when making your booking at info@king-fisher-village.com or contact our front office.

Are there smoking rooms?
Smoking is prohibited in the hotel rooms at King Fisher Village. However, each room has a balcony or terrace.

Can I have laundry done at the hotel?
Our housekeeping team will be pleased to do your laundry for you. CVE 1,000 per laundry bag will be charged.

Are dogs allowed at King Fisher Village?
Unfortunately dogs are not allowed.

Does each room have air condition?
Absolutely! Each and every room in our facility is outfitted with air conditioning for your comfort and convenience.

Are all rooms in one building in the hotel?
The King Fisher Village resort comprises an older section designed in colonial style, situated in the upper area near the entrance. Our main building, the Villa, houses both the Superior Rooms and our Restaurant. The exclusive Seaview double rooms are situated in the contemporary bungalows directly by the sea. The Deluxe Seaview rooms and apartment are accommodated in our modern building.

Do I have a sea view from every room?
There are 2 rooms with garden view, all other rooms have sea view.

On which island is King Fisher Village located?
King Fisher Village is located in Tarrafal, on Santiago. Santiago is the largest island of Cape Verde and very authentic, far from mass tourism.

Are there parking spaces at the hotel?
Free parking is available in front of the hotel. Advance reservation is not required.

Is there breakfast served at the hotel?
There is a very rich and extensive breakfast buffet. There is also an à la carte menu from which you can order traditional delicacies. You sit at breakfast on a beautiful terrace with a view of the Atlantic.

What kind of cuisine is served at King Fisher Village?
The cuisine at King Fisher Village is excellent and a mix of local food and modern cuisine. Local staff make up the kitchen team and they know how to prepare the freshest fish. King Fisher Village grows and uses a lot of its own fruit and vegetables.
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Is there WiFi in the hotel?
Free WiFi is available in the rooms, at the reception, in the restaurant and in the pool area.

Are rooms equipped with TV?
No TVs are installed in our rooms.

Does every room have a hammock?
The rooms of the categories Exclusive Double Room Seaview, Deluxe Room Seaview and Deluxe Apartment with Partial Sea View have their own hammock on the balcony.

Are there many mosquitoes?
Since the grounds of King Fisher Village are a very green oasis, we naturally have mosquitoes. During the rainy season there are more. If they bother you, we have mosquito plugs or a spray at the front desk.

Can I book a massage at King Fisher Village?
We offer a variety of massages. Our reception team will be delighted to help you choose and book your appointment.

What is King Fisher Village like?
The King Fisher Village is an Eco Boutique Hotel with 31 rooms. It is located directly on a beautiful bay. The hotel exudes a charm of modernity and colonial style. The King Fisher Village is lovingly run in a family atmosphere.

What can I do in the hotel?
The hotel is located directly by the sea and you can jump into the water over the rocky beach in the morning. There is a nice pool with sunbeds and umbrellas. You can book daily excursions or ask for a surf lesson or diving course at the reception.
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What entertainment is available at the hotel?
Our team is here to assist you in planning your excursions. You can also rent snorkeling equipment or hire a bicycle for a trip, or participate in a stand-up paddle tour.

Can I dive?
Yes, there is a diving school right next to the hotel.
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Can I go biking?
Yes, there is a bike station at the hotel and our bike manager offers amazing trails.
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What is it like for hiking?
Santiago is perfect for hiking and tours. It's best to discuss your needs and desires with our guide on-site. How about a hike to the summit of Mount Graciosa or a tour through the Serra Malagueta National Park?

What is King Fisher Village doing to protect the environment?
Ecotourism is close to our hearts. We grow our own vegetables, run a desalination system and we have solar panels on the roof. Our kitchen team is careful not to produce waste and to cook sustainably.
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Why is King Fisher Village an eco boutique hotel?
Our villa and bungalow rooms have undergone sustainable renovations, utilizing existing wood resources within the rooms. In a commitment to environmental responsibility, we've integrated solar panels on our roofs, enabling us to generate our own electricity and power a significant portion of King Fisher Village solely through solar energy. Additionally, we've embraced eco-friendly transportation by investing in 100% electric cars, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. Taking advantage of our coastal location, we've implemented a desalination system, allowing us to utilize seawater efficiently. Each of our uniquely designed rooms tells its own story, reflecting our dedication to providing a distinctive and environmentally conscious hospitality experience.

What are you doing for the local people?
With our hotel we offer stable jobs. We have fair employment conditions and with us the employees earn more than usual. Our employees thank us with many years of loyalty and great work performance.

Cape Verde

What are the Cape Verde Islands?
Cape Verde is an archipelago of 10 islands. The inhabited islands include Santo Antão, São Vicente, São Nicolau, Sal, Boa Vista, Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava.

Where are Cape Verde Islands located?
Cape Verde is located in the Atlantic Ocean about 500 km off the coast of West Africa level with Senegal.

To which country does Cape Verde belong?
Cape Verde has been independent and autonomous since 1975. The islands used to be under the Portuguese flag.

What language is spoken?
The official language is Portuguese, the national language is Cape Verdean Creole in various dialects.

What is Creole?
Creole is a language originating in the Archipelago of Cape Verde, with a Portuguese base. It is the mother tongue of almost all Cape Verdeans and is still used by descendants of Cape Verdeans in other parts of the world.

Is English spoken?
Our staff at King Fisher Village speaks English. Most Cape Verdeans do not speak English, but they are very helpful, and you always find a solution.

Are Cape Verde expensive?
You can get a meal for as little as CVE 600 / EUR 6, a drink for CVE 350 /EUR 3.50 and a beer for CVE 250 / EUR 2.50.

Is there crime in Cape Verde?
Cape Verde is not considered dangerous. The political situation is stable and Cape Verde is one of the safest countries in Africa. At night you should not go alone to the beach and jewellery as well as valuables are best left at home. As everywhere else, you should not go alone to uninhabited places at night.

What is the capital of Cape Verde called?
The capital of Cape Verde is Praia, located on the Santiago island.

What is there to see on Santiago?
Santiago is one of the most diverse islands. You will discover fine sandy beaches as well as mighty mountains and dry steppe areas, but also fertile valleys and plateaus.

Is there wine in Cape Verde?
There is great wine in Cape Verde. On the neighboring island of Fogo, white and red grapes are grown and very fine wine is produced.

How do I get to the other islands?
You can book domestic flights through various agencies. You should inquire about these trips in advance.


What is special about Tarrafal?
Tarrafal is a very authentic fishing village: colorful fishing boats, African hustle and bustle and a picture-perfect bay make Tarrafal a magical place.

Which stores can I find in Tarrafal?
You will find all the shops for your daily needs here: groceries, pharmacy, souvenirs, bank, clothing stores, and many more. The shops are small and authentic.

How do I get from the hotel to Tarrafal?
You walk to the small town or to the white sandy beach.

What is there to explore in Tarrafal?
The centre of Tarrafal is defined by the large church and the small surrounding alleys with colorful shops and restaurants. There is a diverse, traditional market and the most beautiful sandy beach on Santiago.

Are there any other restaurants in Tarrafal?
Tarrafal offers a variety of traditional restaurants. The reception will be happy to help you find the right restaurant for you.

What can I do on Santiago island?
You have many options - you can hike, bike, swim, dive, surf and much more.

Is there public transport on Santiago?
There are minibuses or pickups that can be used for transfers from village to village. In the city of Praia there is a regular bus system. Otherwise, the best way to travel is by cab with fixed prices.

Can I make a stopover on the trip?
It's worth planning a city stop in Lisbon on your way home. The city is easily accessible and is a good place to spend the night.

How do I get from Lisbon airport to the city?
It's worth planning a city stop in Lisbon on your way home. The city is easily accessible and is a good place to spend the night.


What is the means of payment?
The currency is the Cape Verde Escudo CVE. It is possible to change EUR into CVE at a fair rate in Tarrafal.

What is the exchange rate?
For EUR 100 you get about 11'000 Escudos, so the current exchange rate is 1:110.

Can I pay by credit card?
"Daily purchases are settled in cash, but at King Fisher Village, you are welcome to pay with a credit card. Debit cards are also accepted. Tip: Check before your arrival if your card is enabled for Africa."

Is there an ATM nearby?
In Tarrafal there are two banks to withdraw money from the ATM.


What if I need to see a doctor?
Tarrafal has its own hospital and on-site medical care. Our reception will be glad to help you!

Can I get malaria?
The Tropical Institute does not report any active malaria cases at this time.

Are there dangerous animals in Cape Verde?
There are no poisonous animals in Cape Verde.

Do I need additional vaccinations?
Additional vaccinations are not necessary, the usual vaccinations are recommended.

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